The Cherry health benefits

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Cherry is one of the summer fruits rich in nutritional values in addition to its delicious taste
and attractive appearance, in every meal there are no more than 100 calories and half a
gram of fats and high values of nutrients. So, in its sweet taste, it is the most suitable
alternative to unhealthy sweets and snacks. Let us know the following below on the various
benefits and nutritional value of cherries. Cherries contain many minerals and vitamins in
addition to anti-certainty, all of which give it special properties and benefits, which include:

1- Enhancing immunity and fighting diseases
Cherry contains a distinct group of antioxidants that have the ability to fight free radicals and
prevent cancer and heart disease. These antioxidants, especially carotenoids, slow down the
signs of aging and aging. All types of cherries contain antioxidants, but they may differ in
their concentration according to the color of cherries. Sour cherries are the richest types of
cherries with antioxidants.
2- Regulating sleeping hours and its cycle
According to a study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, cherries
naturally contain melatonin, a substance secreted by the brain that helps regulate sleep
hours and its cycle. This substance is produced in the dark and is affected by several factors,
including artificial lighting that we are exposed to, which limits the production of melatonin,
and therefore eating foods like cherries contributes to increasing their levels in the body.
3- Weight loss
Cherry contains more than 75% water. In addition to a high percentage of dietary fiber and
low levels of calories, thus cherry is a unique food for those who aspire to lose weight as it
promotes a feeling of satiety and fullness.
4- Promote heart health
Eating cherries helps reduce cholesterol levels in the blood by slowing its absorption into the
blood. Consequently, it contributes to promoting heart health, as its potassium and
magnesium content works to regulate blood pressure levels, which protects against heart
diseases and strokes. Its strong antioxidant content fights heart infections.
5- Pain reliever and anti-inflammatory
Cherries contain substances known as anthocyanins – the pigments responsible for cherry
color. These compounds, according to the NYU Langone Medical Center, reduce
inflammation-related pain. Especially pain in arthritis and gout.

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