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What you do not know about Lemon Peel ?

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Have you ever heard about the benefits of lemon peel ?, lowering cholesterol, promoting
heart health and preserving the skin, etc.

Here are the benefits you may not have known:
1. A rich source of many vitamins and minerals :
The concentration of minerals, vitamins, and various nutrients is higher in the lemon peel
than in its juice, and it is a source of both vitamin A and C, in addition to potassium, calcium,
sodium, iron, and dietary fiber.

2. Strengthening and strengthening immunity :
Lemon has always been known to boost immunity and prevent cold and winter diseases and
scurvy due to its high vitamin C content, and this applies to lemon peel as well! This makes
him a role in fighting infections of all kinds, enhancing immunity and strengthening it against
infections, especially arthritis and skin infections, and has a role in the treatment and
prevention of both sore throats and influenza. Vitamin C is known to be one of the most
powerful antioxidants that neutralize free radicals and combat autoimmune diseases.
3. Fighting Cancers and Free radicals:
Several studies have found a significant role for some components of the lemon peel that
contribute to fighting cancer cells and preventing their division and reproduction. These
materials include two important elements (salvestrol Q40 ‘and limonene) in addition to
flavonoids and vitamin C, which are powerful and effective antioxidants in Keeping cells
healthy and fighting free radicals and neutralizing them and preventing cell damage, Vitamin
C in particular works to protect the skin against ultraviolet rays that may be a carcinogen.
Some types of cancer that the lemon peel may have a role in fighting: breast cancer, skin
cancer, and colon cancer.
4. Promote heart health and lower cholesterol levels:
It was found that the lemon peel rich in dietary fiber, potassium, antioxidants and other
compounds may help to enhance the health of the heart, arteries and blood circulation as a
whole, as it works to reduce the levels of harmful cholesterol in the body LDL because of its
content of flavonoids, polyphenols and vitamin C, which prevents oxidation. And its lemon
content of potassium helps control blood pressure.

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