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The mushrooms health benefits

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The mushrooms health benefits
Mushrooms are a fungus (Funji), and for thousands of years, mushrooms have been known
to be a food source for many important and essential nutrients, especially: Calcium, Vitamin
D , Niacin, Riboflavin, Potassium and selenium
It is low in calories and sodium, and does not contain any of: fat, cholesterol or gluten. With
this, too, al-Fitr entered the world of medicine and treatment from its widest gates. As for

the common benefits of mushrooms, the most famous of them are:
 Rich source of many essential nutrients, such as proteins, dietary fiber, and many
vitamins and minerals.
 Mushrooms are included in weight loss systems because of their low caloric content.
 It helps in strengthening and strengthening immunity and fighting diseases.
 It contains powerful antioxidants which helps it fight cancer.
 Control of diabetes.
 Lowering cholesterol levels.
 Control of blood pressure levels in the body.
 Bone strengthening and health promotion.
It can be incorporated into many cooked recipes, and common mushrooms are usually
available throughout the year, and their abundance increases, in the fall and winter seasons.
There are many types of poisonous mushrooms, so you should be careful when eating them,
especially wild mushrooms.
Mushrooms can be found in the market, either fresh, canned, frozen, or even dried,
preferably stored in a cool, dry environment, not more than 3 days for fresh mushrooms,
and may reach a period of six months if they are dried or canned.
It is usually advised to wash the mushrooms and dry them immediately and not to leave
them soaked in water, as it absorbs water quickly and becomes very soft.

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