The secrets of Kiwi fruit

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Kiwi fruit is one of the fruits famous for its many health benefits, and studies have already
proven its great role in this. This small pill is a rich source of many nutrients very beneficial to
the human body.
 Respiratory infections
Numerous studies have found a role for kiwi in promoting respiratory health, and a study
conducted on Italian children and adults demonstrated that their intake of approximately 5-
7 different portions of kiwi or citrus per week effectively helped prevent respiratory
problems, shortness of breath and relieve cough at night . It was also found that those who
suffer from asthma by eating only a few portions (1-2) of kiwis per week had positive results
that depend on their health.

 Boost eye health
With kiwi containing the lutein necessary to protect the eye against harmful UV rays, it is
necessary to maintain the integrity of the eye. The 100 g of kiwi contains approximately 87
IU of vitamin A. It is known that vitamin A has a role in promoting eye health and preventing
night blindness and macular swelling in the elderly.
 Enhance the digestive system
As a kiwi, a fruit rich in dietary fiber, it will, of course, have a major role in promoting
digestive health, softening waste, facilitating bowel movement and preventing constipation.
It also has a role in promoting colon health and preventing hemorrhoids. Some studies have
found that kiwi contain some enzymes that help in digesting proteins in the body.
 Immune boost
Kiwi is a rich source of powerful antioxidants that help neutralize free radicals and prevent
cancer, and some studies have indicated the kiwi’s ability to protect cells ’DNA from damage.
And of course, its richness in vitamin C makes it a great role in enhancing and strengthening
the body’s immunity.

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