Avocado health benefits 

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Avocado is one of the distinctive fruits, as it differs from it by being less carbohydrate and
higher in fat. Let us know you about its various benefits to your body. Numerous studies and
research have indicated many of the benefits of avocado that accrue to human health, and
the following are the most important:

1- Losing or increasing weight and getting rid of thinness
Avocado may be a double-edged sword for weight. Avocado can help gain weight for those
who are thin. It is rich in beneficial fats and calories, as every 100 grams of avocado provides
us with approximately 160 calories. Including it in a high-calorie diet as a healthy option for
fat rations is effective in gaining weight. As for those who suffer from obesity and being
overweight, they can eat healthy portions in a proper way of avocado, as a healthy and light
snack rich in fats, protein and fiber, which may help increase the feeling of satiety for a
longer period.
2- Avocado benefits for cardiovascular health
It is known that eating saturated fats and trans fats may raise the level of cholesterol and
triglycerides in the blood, which may pose a risk, and increase the chances of exposure to
cardiovascular disease and strokes. However, in contrast, eating saturated and
monounsaturated fats, such as omega-3 and omega-6, may play a major role in lowering LDL
cholesterol levels and raising the good. Besides, it has a role in boosting immunity and
fighting infections, which helps in promoting cardiovascular health, and in particular
prevention of coronary heart disease.
3- A rich source of healthy beneficial fats
Avocado is a great source of monounsaturated fats, such as oleic acid. Each 100 g of them
contains approximately 9.8 g of monounsaturated fat and 110 mg of omega-3 fat. Avocado
also contains fiber and some chemicals that prevent the absorption of cholesterol in the
body such as phytosterols, and antioxidants such as vitamin E, and vitamin C that prevent
oxidation, a role in enhancing the benefits of avocado fruit for the heart and arteries.

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