The Melon fruit :

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The Melon fruit :
Melon is one of the delicious and very beneficial summer fruits for human health, and can be
taken as a light snack filled with energy and antioxidants. Here is a list which make you know
the benefits of melons on its nutritional value as follows:

1- Weight loss and diet
Melon content in fiber and liquids and low calories, may actually contribute to helping you
gain weight and control it by increasing your feeling of fullness when consuming it as a
snack. And in case calories are set within a balanced and healthy diet.
2- Promote sexual health
Eating melons helps provide your body with important and important vital elements, so it
may be advised to take melons as a snack that provides energy before or after the sexual
process. Some of the nutrients that melons contain, such as vitamin A, whose consumption
contributes to raising testosterone levels in addition to some important minerals such as
choline, which plays an important role in the work of nerves and muscles, are all substances
that help to enhance sexual health and increase sexual desire.
3- Beneficial for skin and hair
Eating melons helps to enhance the health of skin cells, humans, and hair follicles, as it
contributes to the body’s important moisture, minerals and nutrients, in addition to its
strong antioxidant content that works to prevent oxidation of materials, cell covers and
damage. Vitamin A, which contains melons, known as Vitamin Beauty, contributes greatly to
maintaining the health and beauty of skin cells, their growth and regeneration, and it resists
wrinkles and is necessary for the growth of hair and preventing hair loss.
4- Prevention of drought
The high water content of melons contributes to providing you with what is recommended
for a summer drink. Also, its content of important electrons and minerals may contribute to
protecting you from dehydration, which can increase the risk of infection with increasing
temperatures in the summer.

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