Lentils health benefits

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Lentils are a member of the family of healthy legumes. It is easy to prepare and available in
every home. It can be eaten boiled or in the form of soups. There are many recipes in which
lentils rich in nutritional values are included. What are the benefits of lentils?
1- Lentils are rich in proteins and nutrients

These are the nutrients that lentils are rich in:
Lentils occupy the third rank in containing proteins and amino acids, among other legumes
such as beans, chickpeas, etc. 26% of the calories that lentils provide us with the source of its
proteins. Lentils are an energy source and rich in complex carbohydrates and fibers.
1-It is rich in various minerals and vitamins, such as: iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium
and folic acid.
2- A source rich in dietary fiber
Lentils are also a very rich source of insoluble dietary fiber, which is very important in:
 Regulating the work of the digestive system and facilitating digestion.
 Prevention of constipation and irritable bowel syndrome.
 Many other health matters related to weight management, diabetes and others.
 And a cup of cooked lentils contains approximately 65% of the daily requirement of
3- Lentils are useful in lowering cholesterol
Lentils contain a high content of soluble fiber, which is very important in:
 Reducing bad cholesterol levels (LDL).
 Raise good cholesterol in the ‘HDL’ body.
 In promoting cardiovascular health and reducing the risk of strokes and strokes.
Also, lentils are a rich source of magnesium and folic acid, which is very important in
promoting and protecting the heart’s health.
4- It is useful for diabetics
The benefits of pills for diabetics are many, for example:
 Lentils contain complex carbohydrates and dietary fiber, making them among slowdigesting foods.
 The fiber that lentils contain helps reduce sugar absorption in the intestine and
control its levels in the blood.
Hence it may be the ideal food for diabetics. With all these benefits of lentils and its richness
in all these nutritional values, it may be important to include it in your daily meal planner
and rely on it as a useful source of energy.

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