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The Mallow plant : health benefits

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The Mallow plant : health benefits
Mallow, or known in arabic as « molokhia » is a plant of Egyptian origin that is counted from
the group of green leafy plants. Mallow plant contains in its components more than 30 types
of components and compounds that are important to enhance the health of the body. What
are the benefits of mallow ? Here are the details. Here are the most important health

benefits of Mallow plant:
1- Control of blood pressure
The high molarity content of potassium makes it a major role in controlling blood pressure in
the body and promoting heart health. Potassium helps the blood vessels relax and widen,
thereby increasing blood and oxygen flow in them.
2- Promote heart health
The high potency content of potassium as mentioned above helps to regulate blood pressure
levels and this will also enhance heart health. But in addition, the high content of dietary
fiber contained in molokhia enhances its benefits. Dietary fiber helps reduce bad cholesterol
levels in the body (LDL), and increases HDL cholesterol levels.
3- Regulating the work of the digestive system
Mallow contains high levels of dietary fiber to help regulate digestion, prevent constipation
and relieve irritable bowel symptoms.
4- Prevention of osteoporosis
The role of molokhia in promoting bone growth and preventing fragility and breakage is
undoubted. Its high content of various minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, selenium,
and various antioxidants all play an important role in building, protecting and protecting
5- Prevention of anemia
Dark green leafy vegetables have long been known for their high iron content, and the
darker the green color, the more evidence for this increase in their iron content. Iron is the
main component of red blood cells and its deficiency leads to an increased risk of anemia.

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