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Green beans : health benefits
Green beans are very rich in vitamins and minerals, and very similar to their high nutritional
value of okra. What are the benefits of green beans? What is its nutritional value?. Green
beans have many important benefits, which we will talk about below:
1- Fighting cancer
Green beans contain a high percentage of chlorophyll, which may cause them to prevent the
influence of some carcinogens, such as those formed in the meat that is roasted at high
temperatures. So if you prefer grilled meat that has burned a small percentage, eat some
green beans alongside it to reflect the effect of carcinogens present in the burning edges of
the meat.

2- Increasing fertility and strengthening pregnancy
Women of fertile age need to consume more iron-rich foods, such as spinach, grains and
legumes, pumpkin and green beans. This helps improve fertility. And the consumption of
vitamin C sources, in addition to iron sources, helps to boost the absorption of iron in the
body. Vitamin C sources include: sweet pepper, various types of berries, tomatoes. Green
beans are also a good source of folic acid, which the mother and her fetus need in particular
during pregnancy.
One cup of sliced beans contains: 10% of the daily recommended serving of folic acid. 6% of
the daily recommended serving of iron.
3- Treatment for depression
Usually, obtaining a sufficient portion of folic acid helps to fight depression, as consuming
folic acid regularly prevents the accumulation of homocysteine in the body. The
accumulation of the aforementioned substance may hinder the delivery of blood and
essential nutrients to the brain, and may also hinder the production of happiness hormones
in the body, which help regulate sleep, mood and appetite.
4- Bone strengthening
Not getting enough vitamin K may contribute to an increased chance of bone fractures, so it
is necessary to consume sufficient amounts of it to:
 Improve and strengthen bone structure.
 Improve calcium absorption in the body.
 Reducing the amounts of calcium that leave the body through urine.
Each cup of green beans contains approximately: 14.4 micrograms of vitamin K, or 20% of
your daily need and 4% of your daily calcium requirement.

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