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Black beans

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Black beans : health benefits
Black beans are a member of the family of useful and important legumes for health. What do
black beans carry for us with nutritional benefits and values?. This type of legume has many
important benefits, which may make it a nutritional treasure.

1- Maintaining healthy bones
Black beans contain many nutrients important for bone health and strengthening, such as:
iron, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc. While phosphorus and calcium are
important in enhancing and strengthening bone structure, iron and zinc play a pivotal role in
maintaining bone strength and joint flexibility. Bones account for:
 99% of the calcium stores in the body.
 60% of the stock of magnesium in the body.
 80% of the stock of phosphorous in the body.
2- Reducing high blood pressure
Careful to reduce the sodium intake daily, is necessary to maintain normal blood pressure
levels. Black beans are characterized by very little sodium content. And the richness of black
beans in elements, such as potassium, calcium and magnesium, makes them play a catalytic
role in naturally lowering high blood pressure.
3- Control of diabetes
Studies have found that people with type 1 diabetes who follow a high-fiber diet usually
have lower blood sugar levels than others. Also, black beans may help people with type 2
diabetes improve blood sugar levels and insulin in the body. One cup of black beans contains
approximately 15 grams of fiber, knowing that the recommended daily serving of fiber is 25
4- Protection from heart diseases
Black beans help in promoting heart health in particular, given the following things:
 Its high content is: fiber, potassium, folic, vitamin B6.
 It is completely cholesterol-free.
These factors all contribute to reducing the chances of developing cholesterol and heart
disease in general, as follows: Vitamin B6 helps prevent the accumulation of certain
compounds in the body (Homocysteine), which may cause blood vessel damage and heart

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