The importance of fibers on a healthy diet

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First question which come up to our minds is : what is fiber? , well fiber is the indigestible part of
plant foods . They are usually the walls of the plant cells, skins and seeds. Due to refining of foods

much of the fiber has been lost in our diets causing digestive problems and overall poor health. The
next question that might come to your mind is : How does fiber help your digestive tract? The answer
is : It absorbs water when it moves through the digestive tract and forms bulk in the intestines. This
will soften stool and help food move faster through the digestive system.
Now i’m gonna give you a list of common foods that contain beneficial fiber:
Broccoli, Bread, Carrots, Beans, Berries, Sweet Corn, Peas, Bananas, Fruit
According to some valuable studies, the average person is only consuming 14-15 grams. This is
leading to digestive problems and contributing to the growing problem of obesity. Research is
uncovering proof that fiber is helpful in prevention and relief from a variety of serious diseases.
Here is a list of some easy ways to increase fiber in your intake servings: Eating brown whole wheat
bread instead of refined white bread, including more lentils, fruits and vegetables in your diet (see
above list for some of these), eating brown rice instead of refined white rice, eating bran cereal or
granola cereal for breakfast such as oatflakes.
The point is when you increase fiber in your diet you will experience some bloating and gas problems
at first. But these will all subside in a matter of weeks as your body gets used to your new improved
diet. There is also other source of fibers : Food supplements for fiber: Because it is often quite hard
to include the amount of fiber we need in our diets supplements can sometimes be taken to increase
fiber and for treatment of certain conditions. These will all help digestive disorders.Increasing fiber in
your diet will help your digestive system function better. This will result in lowering cholesterol and
improving your overall health. With improved health you will be able to feel better, look better, think
better and enjoy your life to the full.

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