The secrets of fruits

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Fruits, goldmine of vitamins , minerals and fibre are so imprtant to consume at least 4-5 servings per
day. Since they are in the natural form, it’s much easier for the body to process and absorb the


vitamins and minerals. Here is a list of some fruits and their secrets and role in healthy effect :
Apple – Round fruit with lots of fibre, vitamins A, C, E . Available in green, red or yellow skin when
ripe. Apples reduce the risk of colon cancer, prostate cancer and lung cancer. They also help with
heart disease, weight loss and controlling cholesterol.
Bananas – Long thick skinned fruit yellow in colour when ripe. Good source of fibre, potassium,
vitamins A, C, B6, E & folate. Unripe or green bananas are used in cooking.
Cherries – small round fruit with a seed, red or black in colour when ripened. Cherries always have to
be ripe to eat. Cherries contain anthocyanins that reduce pain & inflammation.
Kiwi – A rich source of vitamins A, C, E, B – complex, calcium, iron and folic acid, kiwi is a small oval
fruit with thin brown skin, soft green flesh and black seeds. The skin is a good source of flavonoid
Lemon –lemon is the most cultivated citrus fruit with green to yellow colour loaded with vitamins A,
C and folate. Juice of lime is good for detoxification and has antioxidant properties.
Peach – Round juicy fruit with a yellowish red skin & flesh having a taste of acidic tang and sweetness
contains a rough stone. Always to be picked and eaten ripe.
Orange – A round thick-skinned juicy edible fruit that is a reddish-yellow colour when ripe with sweet
to sour flavour. Peeled and eaten fresh or squeezed to make juice. Contain vitamin C, flavanoids,
provides pectin and rich in sodium when ripened in sunshine.
Papaya – A melon like fruit with yellow- orange flesh with dozens of small black seeds enclosed in skin
that ranges in colour from green to orange. Either round, pear-shaped, or long like a banana. Rich in
vitamins A, B, C, and D; calcium, phosphorous and iron. It is high in digestive properties and has a
direct tonic effect on the stomach.
Pear – A sweet juicy yellow or green fruit with a rounded shape narrow towards the stalk. Best eaten
at room temperature, pear contains kalium and riboflavine. It is good for skin and contains plenty of
Strawberry – A triangular shaped red colour fruit. It is one of the richest sources of Vitamin C and
fibre. It has high content of sodium and iron. It helps in whitening of the teeth. Used to relieve
Watermelon – a type of melon with smooth exterior rind and juicy sweet red interior flesh.
Extraordinarily refreshing to drink as juice or eaten when ripe and fresh. Valuable for minerals,
vitamins and sugar with useful amount of fibre and iron.

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