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The importance of vegetables for children

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Vegetables help build the human body and children in a strong and balanced way, they work to
strengthen the body and strengthen it and help in growth, so care must be taken to provide
vegetables to children on a daily basis, given the nutrients it contains of high value and necessary.

The importance of vegetables for children:
 Vegetables provide children with vitamins necessary for the body, including vitamin A and
vitamin C.
 Vegetables contain potassium, and a lot of fiber is important to the children’s body.
 Vegetables provide the necessary calories that a child’s body needs.
 Vegetables are important for the digestive system of children and facilitate their digestion.
 Vegetables help get rid of stomach upset.
 Prevention of various cancerous diseases that can affect children.
 Protection from various heart diseases that children can be exposed to.
 Different types of vegetables contain fibers that contribute to building a child’s body well,
and protect against various diseases.
 Eating vegetables works to prevent many diseases, reduce toxins in the body, and it also
contains antioxidants.
Here is a list of the most important vegetables for children:
 We must rely on vegetables that contain vitamin A, the most important of which are
cauliflower and tomatoes, including lettuce, spinach, peppers and potatoes.
 Vegetables that contain beans, including beans, such as beans, kidney beans, lentils, etc., and
spinach also contains folate necessary for the child’s health.
 Potatoes that contain potassium are important for the growth of children. Potatoes, spinach,
and lentils are also available. There are also fruits that contain potassium, including bananas
and oranges.
Some tips for serving vegetables:
 It is important to give vegetables to the child immediately after weaning so that the child
gets used to eating them.
 Be sure to eat vegetables in front of the child because young people imitate parents in
 You should introduce vegetables to the children and cook them in different ways the child

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