Health benefits of Lettuce

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Lettuce is a one of leafy vegetables with many benefits for health, and has many different types, all
of which contain essential nutrients important to humans .. We review below the benefits of lettuce
for health, skin and hair. Daily leafy vegetables improve memory and fight Alzheimer’s

Benefits of lettuce for health:
1- Reducing extra weight: Lettuce helps reduce excess weight, because it contains a very low
percentage of calories and fats, and it also contains nutritional fibers that help you feel full.
2- Heart protection: Lettuce helps protect the heart from crises and diseases that afflict it because it
contains many healthy fibers that contribute to protecting the heart from strokes.
3- Prevention of cancer:There are lettuce antioxidants that protect against cancerous diseases and
contains beta-carotene, which works to prevent the spread of free radicals in the body. It also
contains vitamin C, which works to get rid of toxins that affect the body, which causes many different
4- Bone strengthening: Lettuce is very important for bone health and strengthening because it
contains vitamin K, which works to produce osteocalcin, which works to strengthen the bones and
protect from osteoporosis, especially in women when they are old and also contains calcium and
5- Maintaining eye health:Lettuce helps to strengthen the eyes and improve vision, and this is
because it contains beta-carotene that prevents eye disorders, and to prevent macular degeneration
of the eyes.
6- Anemia treatment: Lettuce helps treat anemia as it is rich in iron and chlorophyll, and helps form
hemoglobin and increase the number of red blood cells.
7- Protection of the digestive system: Lettuce helps protect the digestive system and treat cases of
constipation to which a person is exposed, and contributes to stimulating bowel movement and
getting rid of toxins that affect the digestive system and colon.

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