The secrets of red apple

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Red apple is one of the most popular and consuming types of apples, and it has many different
health benefits , and it is used in making sweets, apple cider vinegar and some other recipes.
Since red apples contain the aforementioned nutritional values, this means that it has many different

health benefits, which are:
1- Improve digestion
Since red apples contain a high amount of dietary fiber, this means that they are beneficial for the
digestive process and the digestive system as a whole.There is a specific type of dietary fiber present
in apples, called pectin, which is water-soluble, and which has been found to play a role in treating
diarrhea caused by a bacterium.Besides, apple peels contain another type of dietary fiber insoluble in
water, which helps food pass through the digestive system effectively, which protects against
2- Maintaining a healthy brain
Some different scientific studies have found that consuming red apples helps maintain and enhance
brain health by reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.There are different types of
antioxidants in apples, which are found in crusts specifically, and they work to eliminate oxidative
stress, which raises the risk of developing many different health problems, the most important of
which is chronic.
3- Promote skin health
As we mentioned, red apples contain a good percentage of vitamin C, which is necessary for the
collagen production process, which is an essential protein that is included in the composition of the
skin to maintain its elasticity and protect it from the signs of aging with age.

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