The grape secrets

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Grape is one of the most famous fruits from ancient times in the Middle East. It has long been
famous for its wine-making in the Romans, Greeks and ancient Egyptians. It is currently spreading in
most parts of the world, and is eaten for its sweet and delicious taste and its great benefits for the

body. Grapes are found in many varieties and colors, so we find red grapes, green grapes and violet
grapes, as it is used in making wine, jam, molasses and various juices, and when dried we get raisins.
You may find seedless grapes, some with seeds, and grapes in general are an ideal source of many
nutrients and antioxidants. here is a list some of the most important benefits of grapes for health.
1- Reducing cholesterol levels in the body
With grapes containing dietary fiber, active substances, and antioxidants, it will play a major role in
lowering blood cholesterol, and red grapes in particular contain large concentrations of Resveratrol
that contribute to controlling cholesterol levels in the body.
2- Grapes and promote cardiovascular health
Since eating grapes – as we mentioned earlier – contributes to controlling cholesterol levels in the
body, it will certainly contribute to increasing the health of the arteries and the heart, and the reason
for this is often because it contains a high percentage of potassium and magnesium, which are
important to regulate the work of the different blood vessels and to adjust levels of blood pressure.
3- Prevention and treatment of anemia
Because of the high iron content of grapes, it is considered important in the hemoglobin industry
necessary to treat iron deficiency anemia.

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