The health benefits of White Radish

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As for the benefits of white radish, they include:
1- A natural diuretic
White radish helps clean the kidneys, diuresis, and drain excess water into the body, and as such may
be beneficial for patients with blood pressure, and for those with fluid retention in the body, and
may enter the treatment of urinary disorders.

2- Excess weight loss
Although the fact that horseradish contributes to fat burning has not been proven, Asian people
believe this and are famous for using it for this purpose. What may support this belief is that white
radish is a low source in calories and does not contain fat or cholesterol, in addition to being rich in
the necessary nutrients and dietary fiber and the percentage of water that promotes a feeling of
satiety. Hence it may be desirable to add it to nutrition programs aimed at losing weight.

3- Prevention of cancer
Several studies have appeared linking eating white radish to prevent cancer. It is considered a high
source of powerful antioxidants that contribute to fighting free radicals and protect cells from
damage. Some studies have shown that white radish juice contributes to preventing the formation of
dangerous chemicals and carcinogens in the body, and also works to remove toxins from the body.
4- Reducing blood sugar levels
In a study conducted in Japan on diabetic mice, and radish buds were presented to them to examine
the effect of these on their sugar levels, it was found that they helped to reduce them, but more
evidence is still needed to prove the relationship. But in a way, adding radish to the diabetic patient
system may be important and beneficial as radish has a low glycemic index, which is low in
carbohydrates and high in antioxidants and fibers.

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