Lemon health benefits

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Lemon is a famous citrus fruit rich in Vitamin C, and has been known since ancient times for its great
benefits for body, skin and beauty. Ancient Egyptians have long used it as an antidote to all poisons
and repelled them, and this is what modern science has confirmed, thanks to its rich deposits and
high values of strong antioxidants such as flavonoids. Below we will talk about all the aesthetic and

therapeutic benefits of lemon. Here is a list of the benefits of lemon :
 Lemon and its juice have many benefits for health and skin, as it has therapeutic properties
and is used for aesthetic purposes. We will tell you about them as follows:
 Promote the digestive system
 Lemon helps in treating indigestion and fighting constipation thanks to the fibers it contains,
and enhances the work of the intestine, which helps in digestion, in addition to being an antiinflammatory and the microbes that cause it. So, drinking it after a heavy dinner may
contribute to promoting digestion and make you more comfortable.
 Strengthening immunity
 Lemon helps relieve cold and flu symptoms from colds, fever, or even sore throats. It has
antibacterial properties. It promotes respiratory health. And relieve breathing problems and
calm asthma attacks.
 Strengthening gums and teeth
 Vitamin C, which is a high source of lemon, is essential in building collagen (bones) and bones
and teeth. It is necessary for the health and maintenance of the gums, and its deficiency is
usually associated with bleeding gums and tooth decay.
 It is said that applying lemon juice to places of dental pain may help relieve pain. It can help
stop bleeding gums and get rid of bad breath

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