The secrets of carrot juice 

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Carrots are one of the root vegetables that are inexpensive and easy to provide. They are widespread
and popular with many. What are the benefits of carrots? Are there any caveats to take it? Let’s get
to know them in detail below: Here is a list of the benefits of carrot juice for adults : Drinking carrot
juice is a fun and delicious way to get a wonderful combination of vitamins and minerals, and adding
it to your diet will help provide you with many benefits. Here are the most famous:

1- Anemia treatment
Carrots are a great source of iron, whose deficiency usually causes anemia, and by eating carrots you
will help bridge this deficiency and increase your iron supply. Iron is a very important mineral for
energy production, and it is an important component of red blood cells that supply cells with oxygen.
Each cup of carrot juice provides you with approximately 1.1 mg iron, which is approximately 6% of
the daily requirement for iron for women under the age of forty.
2- Promote eye health
We have always heard the saying: ‘The islands strengthen eyes’! This is certainly true, as the islands
are a source of beta-carotene and lutein, which are important in maintaining the retina and
protecting it from night blindness and enhancing vision.
3- Prevention of cancer
Carrot juice contains high levels of carotenoids, which may contribute to a 20% lower chance of
developing breast cancer after menopause. Studies have shown a relationship between eating carrot
juice and reducing the risk of developing some cancers by 50%, especially prostate, bladder, throat,
cervical, colon and lung cancer.
4- Regulating blood sugar
Carrots help regulate blood sugar levels, and are one of the best juices that a diabetic can eat
without fear. In addition to its low sugar level, its high content of carotenoids is inversely related to
high blood sugar levels.
5- Promote digestion and appetite
Eating carrot juice 20 minutes before a meal may contribute to opening your appetite! It acts as a
catalyst for the body and digestive system to excrete its digestive juices. Thanks to its high content of
water soluble fiber, it is considered a promoter of digestion and digestive health.

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